(WTNH) — A hidden door that you would never know is there.

Secret rooms are places to stash away valuables, but they can also be so much more than that.

For Chris Cosban with Covert Interiors, more and more calls have been coming in.

“Oh, definitely. They want security,” he said. “They [want] someplace that nobody can get in. You know, they are worried about if something happens in the world if they are safe.”

Some of these rooms are just high-end man-caves. Others, though, are sought out to serve a real purpose – to protect in the case of crisis.

It seems the list of threats is growing longer and longer, and its a feeling which drives customers to Cosban, according to Dr. Jeffrey Dietz.

“I think this is a natural dimension of human nature. When you are concerned about a threat, I think the very act of being proactive helps to reduce the anxiety or the terror,” Dr. Dietz explained.

Terrorism is across the globe and North Korean missiles have capabilities of reaching the United States. These are inescapable realities of today, but taking action in some way may help lessen the feeling of being helpless.

“Well, is that because [of] the way our government is acting? Is that they way the world is reacting? But the reaction makes sense to me which is that people would want to feel at least want to protect themselves if they can’t count on the authorities to protect them,” Dr. Dietz stated.

The rooms may never actually need to be used, but, in the end, that’s not the point.

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