Luxury Panic Rooms Bronx

Your family can enjoy the comfort of a panic room with the convenience of usable living space, A safe room lets you sleep peacefully at night knowing that if there is a storm, natural disaster or intruder, you can protect your family and your valuables. Emergency supplies and separate communications lines insure your safety in the event of an unforeseen emergency situation.

A properly engineered panic room will have passive ventilation, an armored door, and reinforced walls and ceiling, Rooms with exterior walls can even have bullet proof glass installed for added protection from outside threats.

A luxury safe room can be built into your home for less than you might think. When you consider the added value your panic room will add to your home’s equity and home much better protected your family will be, the investment is justified.

With a panic room you will have a safe place at your immediate disposal for your family, pets, and valuables. Your vaulted room can be a part of your active living space and blend in to the home atmosphere without wasting space or disrupting your personal style. Contact us for a free in home consultation.